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    At Lilac Bijoux we are blessed with a wonderful team of creative women. We would love to tell you more about our incredible staff, talented local designers, amazing photographer, and beautiful models!

    Our Staff

      Fern Elliott is the owner and founder of Lilac Bijoux, opened in July 2005. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Fern has been passionate about fashion her entire life. She loves being a part of the vibrant Annapolis community and supporting local designers, including her mom Leda. Stop by the store to meet Fern and let her help you pick out the perfect new outfit!
    Mary Quinn is a sales associate and model for Lilac Bijoux. Originally from Louisville, KY she moved to Annapolis to attend St. John's College where she is a senior. She grew up riding horses, and her favorite things to do are reading by the water and playing sports with her friends.
    Olivia Pittard is a sales associate and model for Lilac Bijoux. She is a junior at St. John's College, active in their sports programs and student life. She also loves running and cooking for her friends!


    Our Local Designers

     Leda Reis Christ is our resident jewelry designer and also happens to be Fern's mom! Born and raised in Rio, Leda brings her colorful and detailed style into each piece of her jewelry. All her designs are gold-filled and feature beautiful natural stones. She is also responsible for all our creative window displays!
    Gina Luce is an Annapolis local who creates beautiful jewelry for her collection at Lilac! She is a past winner of our jewelry design contest and we love her so much that we've kept her work for almost a decade. Gina's designs reflect her easy, beachy style and are all gold-filled with natural stones. Shop her pieces here!
    Beth Robson is a jewelry artist based in Alexandria, VA. She is known for her lightweight small-batch earrings. Beth creates her one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces using brass and polymer clay. Each piece is carefully sanded, drilled, and assembled with love. When Beth isn't making jewelry, she's working full time as an elementary art teacher, going to concerts, and visiting art museums. Shop her pieces here!


    Our Photographer

      Olivia Reed is an Annapolis local and has been the photographer at Lilac for the past three years. She is a full-time college student who loves to travel. When she's not shooting our models, Olivia works as a wedding photographer and loves to capture couples in love. To book her for your next event, check out her website and Instagram!